Wednesday, August 11, 2010

A wealth of posts

What? Nothing for two years and now three posts in three days?!? What gives?

Well, as I mentioned a couple of days ago I was able to complete, or get close to completing, several projects during the time of my separation from my family. Over the next few posts, I will share some of those projects.

First up, I finally managed to paint myself a crew of scurvy sea dogs (or at least the beginnings of a crew as I have only 13 members so far not counting the monkey!). They are a mix of Black Scorpion, Privateer Press and Games Workshop figures.

My captain and powder monkey

The captain is Mad Jim Jones from Black Scorpion and the powder monkey comes from the Games Workshop Empire State Handgunner set.
Some of the lads.

These came from a boxed set of Privateer Press Sea Dogs. As did the next three (all I did was remove the goggles from the bald rogue on the left):

Scurvy swashbucklers
The rest of the boys are Games Workshop Empire Militia with some Warhammer 40k Catachan heads thrown in for variety (several can be seen prior to painting here):

Yer basic Plastic Pirates!
Yet more plastic pirate goodness.
Later this week I'll try to post some images of vessels, since what good are pirates without a pirate ship?

'Til next time.
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