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Here's a list of links to my favorite websites, with a brief description of each where appropriate. They are kind of sorted by topic/theme, but as many of them actually would fit in more than one section, you may find them a little jumbled. I also included Twitter handles for the feeds that I find useful.

Please note that inclusion of a manufacturer's link is not meant as an endorsement. I have added some just for the sake of completeness, as there is no way I could purchase and enjoy as many miniatures and games as I plan to include.

Also, this is a work in progress. As I find new sites, blogs, forums, etc., I will add them here. Also, as I find that blogs and sites are no longer updated, I will mark them as "dormant" in the hopes that they will one day be revived. In that way, I hope to make this a "living" list. Let me know what you think, or if you have any suggestions.


Appropriately enough, since this blog is named "Plastic Pirates," here's links to Playmobil and Lego's pirate themed toys:

Playmobil's Pirate Theme: My original "plastic pirates." I have seen many 28mm gamers modify their ships to use in wargaming.

Lego's Pirates of the Caribbean Theme: While Lego does not currently have a generic pirate theme, they have licensed Pirates of the Caribbean, and have several sets and ships available.
Miniature and Gaming News:

Tabletop Gaming News (@tgn_news): From their about page: a website devoted to publishing news, review and articles about all facets of the tabletop gaming hobby.

Table Top Fix (@Tabletopfix): Another site devoted to sharing the latest and greatest news about the gaming industry.
Pirate Rules: 

Legends of the High Seas (Warhammer Historical): Excellent rules based on the Lord of the Rings strategy battle game. If you've played any Games Workshop game you'll be familiar with the basics. (Warhammer Historical is no longer in business, so the link will take you to the Yahoo Group for LotHS.)

Pirates! (Flagship Games): A very cool set of rules, includes fantasy races and a supplement is available for islanders.

Cutlass! (Black Scorpion): Black Scorpion's own set of rules for their extensive pirate figure line, which includes dwarfs, elves, and orcs in addition to human pirates, privateers and navy crews. I have not played Cutlass! yet.

Flashing Steel (Ganesha Games): A set of rules for the cinematic, swashbuckling sort of pirate game. Based on the Song of Blades and Heroes engine. Another set I have not yet had a chance to try.

Blood & Plunder (Firelock Games): Firelock just completed a successful Kickstarter for this game, due in December 2016. I'm very eager to get this, as it blends land and naval combat seamlessly.
Pirate Ships:

Games of War: They have a nice line of ships and accessories for Pirate gaming. I have not ordered from them, but I really like the look of their Sea Prince ship.

Ainsty Castings: These ships also look great. I have order some Ainsty stuff before, though never their ships, and been quite pleased with the quality.

Old Glory 25mm: Beautiful, though expensive, ships, with multiple decks. They are almost more terrain pieces than ship models.

Minimi: Nice looking, reasonably priced ships. Since they're int he UK I have not bought from them, but I like the look of their ships.

Firelock Games: Firelock makes a line of ships for their Blood & Plunder game, but of course they can be used with any ruleset.
Pirate Figures: 

Black Scorpion
Old Glory
Wargames Foundry:
Firelock Games
Artizan Designs
Brigade Games

Terrain sites:

Chicago Terrain Factory
From the about page: Here you can find How-To articles pertaining to casting, modeling and terrain building; reviews and links on the hobby.
Miniature and Gaming Podcasts:

Meeples & Miniatures (): Neil Shuck's blog and podcast and miniature wargaming and board gaming. A "must listen" in my opinion.

The D6 Generation (@TheD6Generation): Another blog that combines miniature wargaming and board gaming, but this one adds role playing and some computer gaming as well. On the long side, as each episode runs three and a half hours or more, but well worth a listen.
Miniature and Gaming Blogs:

6mm-minis: Last updated in 2009, this blog had some beautiful pirate ship models.

Warphammer: Another blog dormant since 2009, this one focused on GW games and had some excellent modelling and gaming articles.

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