Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Gunships and sloops

During my time of solitude, I managed to paint up a couple of small Flagship Games resin vessels - just the ticket for a band of pirates starting out on a career of pillagin' and plunderin'.

I bought the Flagship Games starter set, which if memory serves came with the rules, a gunship, a sloop, two cannon and two war machines. The gunship and the sloop are quite nice models, perfectly sized for the "small" category in Legend of the High Seas. All they need is a little cleaning, a nice paint job, and some minor work on the masts and they are ready to go. I did not put sails on them yet. I am not sure if I will or not. The sails really do make the models look better, but they do get in the way of gaming. Eventually, I will probably give in and make sails for them, but not for the time being. (BTW, Flagship Games products are currently available from Scale Creep Miniatures.)

The sloop

A closer view

The gunship

A closer view

Here's a comparison shot showing a kitbashed sloop from the Pressman game Weapons & Warriors beside the Flagship Games sloop. Pretty close, and in all honesty, while the W&W sloop can be found pretty inexpensively, it requires quite a bit more work to make it look like a model and not a toy. At least, it does to get it looking the way I want it to. More details on the W&W game and converting the toys to models in a future post.

W&W sloop (left), Flagship Games sloop (right)

'Til next time.
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