Wednesday, May 14, 2008

More Flames of War

On May 10 we played FoW again at our gaming group, and having read the rules I understood a lot more of what was going on. Another very enjoyable game, where I was given a mixed force of tanks and infantry (Soviet) to lead. John, Rob and Dave played the Germans, while Mike provided a host of Russians that Kyle and I helped him to command. Again, the objective was to take the bridge at the center of the table, and we played with 6000 points per side. Truly a massive affair!

Unfortunately, I had to leave early that night, and my forces really had not yet managed to engage the enemy. Still, I had another great time and each time I play I feel more comfortable with the mechanics.

Here are some images from the game. As usual, the whole lot of them can be seen at Photobucket.

Also, my Horsa glider was very well received by the guys. Too well, actually! Dave's first words were, "Very nice, now we need 37 by next Saturday!" I was able to talk them down to only needing three or four more, to do a Pegasus Bridge scenario. So now I am thinking of ways to streamline the carving process to make it go a little faster. In the meantime, here are a couple of images of the completed, though as yet unpainted, glider:

Hopefully, for next time, I will have some more gliders ready, maybe one painted, and the beginnings of my US Armored Rifle Company - a force to call my own, so I do not have to depend on Mike's generosity (for which I am very grateful!) to have troops to command.


Anonymous said...

Why not cast them in resin?

Henry Durand said...

Thanks, that's a great suggestion. I've not worked with resin before, but this could be a good chance to learn. I am working on some other projects now, but when I get back to the gliders I will certainly take a hard look at the possibility of resin casting.