Monday, July 11, 2016

Spanish Town - Peasant's Homes

Last week's buildings in a group shot.
Last week I finished up the bodega and officers' quarters, as well as some smaller buildings which I imagine would serve as servants' quarters or homes for peasants.

They follow the basic foamcore construction techniques I've described in several of my previous posts, so I won't bore you by repeating them. They were all simple rectangles, though I added a smaller lean-to section to one just to give it some visual interest. I'll just make this a photo gallery showing the construction sequence, and I'll add comments to any steps that may require them. Enjoy!

One details I added to these buildings, since they were meant to be more modest homes, were the crumbling walls revealing the stonework beneath. This was very easy to do - I just cut an irregular hole into the top card surface of the foamcore, and then carefully cut it away from the foam beneath. Then I carved a random stone pattern into the foam using a pencil.

When it came time to paint he buildings, I used a slightly darker mix than I used on the other structures in the town. For the doors, I chose to use the standard Warbases single doors rather than the arched doors.

And here are all five of last week's buildings in a group shot.

The Spanich town is beginning to fill up! I've got four more buildings in progress that I hope to finish this week, and then I think it will be complete for the time being and it'll be time to move onto another project.

'Til next time!
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