Thursday, May 1, 2014

Using Heroscape dice for Saga

Quick post today:

During a discussion of Saga on the Giga-bites forums, S7RYPE came up with the great idea of using Heroscape dice as substitutes for the Saga dice. I know, I know - you could just use regular old six-sided dice as well - but I happen to have a ton of these dice sitting around gathering dust, so why not make some use of them?

I modified the official Saga symbol chart (available here) to include the Heroscape symbols. They correspond to the appropriate column, as there are two shield faces, three skull faces and a blank. So if you are using the Heroscape dice, just cross-reference the appropriate symbol and off you go!

I will of course get the "real" Saga dice for the factions I play eventually, since I am a completist. But this will do until then.

'Til next time!
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