Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Star Trek: Attack Wing - Tholian Web OP

I ran  the Star Trek:Attack Wing Tholian Web OP at Giga-Bites Cafe this past Saturday. It was great fun to see the players maneuver their fleets as the web closed in on them.

We had a good mix of fleets represented, with a couple of Borg fleets, a Romulan warbird fleet, and a pair of Federation fleets.

Here's the action:

Romulan warbirds close in on a Borg sphere backed up by fighters and a mine-dropper.

Federation starships bracket a Borg sphere prior to blasting it into atoms!

What to do, what to do?

Federation strike force.

Borg sphere!
Pair of Borg spheres prepare to engage the enemy!

The warbirds de-cloak to attack!

Good sportsmanship and good competition.


I hope that's an evade!

Measuring range.

Another Borg sphere about to bite the dust!

Dueling minefields (the disabled token is just to differentiate ownership).

Hmmm, I think you are just withing range!

Federation strike force moves into a cloaked minefield!

Good fellowship and competition among siblings.

Assigning a target lock.

Federation starships move against a Borg sphere.

That attack is gonna hurt - I think a Defiant class was killed on that roll.

Two Borg spheres vs. a sphere and a Valdore.

Romulan warbirds track down a Borg sphere that has strayed from its escort.

Measuring range before unleashing a barrage!

OK, now where do the web tokens go?
The Tholian Web closes in!

That's gonna be close!

The Enterprise can't quite make the turn and is destroyed by the Web!

It was a close event, with four players ending up 2-1, so the winner was determined on points. The winning fleet combined a strong Borg sphere with cloaked mines and fighters, and finished with 276 points to the second place finisher's 245.

All in all, this was one of my favorite OP scenarios so far. I loved the tension building as the Webs kept shrinking the playing area. The only regret is that since I was running the event, I did not get to play. But that will be remedied Friday when the store runs another event - and this time I get to play!

'Til next time!
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