Monday, February 28, 2022

Modeling on the go! Building Celtiberians during dinner break...

The recent launch of the Kickstarter for Clash of Katanas got me thinking about Clash of Spears again, and the Iberian force I started a couple of years ago.



Since that time, I've decided to build a Celtiberian force instead, but one that can also function as an Iberian warband due to the similarities. Why the change? Well, I've learned that there's a good chance my ancestors were Celtiberian. The ancestral home of one of the Spanish branches of the family is located in the Cameros region, just between Soria and Logrono. Soria is the site of the ruins of the ancient Celtiberian city of Numantia, which was destroyed by the inhabitants rather than surrender it to the Roman besiegers. I don't think it's a stretch to believe Celtiberian blood flows through my veins!


Because my hobby time is practically non-existent, I decided to make use of the dinner break at work. I packed up basic tools and was ready to go.


I clipped the parts I would need from the sprues (I'm using Victrix Iberian warriors, in this case the unarmored ones) so they'd just need cleaning up and gluing. I brought a couple of hobby knives, plastic glue, and my magnifiers (the eyes are getting older).


The first night I was able to get all the parts cleaned of flash, and assemble two of the warriors. After all, I also need to eat during that time!


The second night I finished the ten remaining warriors. A unit of 12 completed.

The third night I was able to get another 12 warriors completed: four Celtiberians and eight Iberians.

I'm pretty happy with the progress. I was able to get something to eat, and still complete 24 figures in three dinner breaks.

All that's left is to base them and paint them, and then get their shields sorted. I have some time off scheduled next week, and I'm hoping to be able to finish these warriors as well as paint up my Imperial Guard squad for Kill Team.

'Til next time!

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